I'm deciding on a plan


 On the Careers Readiness Grid, you are on:

Quadrant 3: I have ideas but I'm not sure what's right for me

I enjoy lots of different things – how can I choose between them?

​​​​​If you are already exploring options and taking on different roles to build skills and experiences, see our Developing Career Ideas briefing for guidance and tools to help you identify your pattern of interests and motivations.

Reflect on your experiences and try to identify any themes that are important to you: Why do you choose to do these activities? Which skills do you use? What do you enjoy doing most and why? How important to you are the people, relationships and outcomes? To help you figure these out, use our Career Weaver web-based app. 

Once you understand what kind of work and outcomes offer you intrinsic satisfaction, further research through the web and ‘in person’ into industries, roles and organisations will help you to create focus and make decisions. If you are struggling to narrow your focus, a confidential chat with a careers adviser can help you gain clarity.

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