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Quadrant 2: I have a clear that I am working towards 

​​​​​The most powerful way to find out if you enjoy something is to try it. See Gaining Experience and Developing Skills (pp.36-44) in the Oxford Guide to Careers for advice and ideas about opportunities to ‘learn by doing’. Consider taking on a similar role in your extracurricular activities (e.g., for a student society), doing an internship or volunteering, participating in our employability programmes, work-shadowing or short-term work experience (e.g., a micro-internship).

Use career fairs and company-led events to talk with alumni and others working in specific fields to test any assumptions, deepen your understanding and extend your thinking. When combined with experience you may identify additional ideas to develop into your plan B and plan C as a back-up to your primary focus. If you have doubts or questions, see a careers adviser for an unbiased conversation.

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