Postgraduate Study in Other Countries

Graduates choose to explore international opportunities for further study for a variety of reasons. It may be an opportunity to work with global specialists in your field, a chance to experience a different country and culture, to experience a different style of teaching or course structure or to develop language skills. In some cases, financial considerations might drive the search, perhaps seeking more affordable courses or access to funding. The international marketplace for higher degrees is diverse and there are many sources of information to sift through. Here we highlight some of the main resources that will help you to understand the global landscape. 

The further study destinations we are most often asked about are the UK and the USA. See our guides to Postgraduate Study in the UK and Postgraduate Study in the USA for advice on study in those countries.

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Working out the best option for you will take time. Course structure and length, application processes, costs and timing vary not only between different countries, but often between individual institutions within the same country.

Here are some of the issues you will need to explore:

  • What is the structure of the higher education sector in your chosen country? What degrees and other courses are available?
  • What is the length and structure of the type of course you are interested in in your chosen country?
  • What qualifications are required for entry for your chosen course?
  • What are the language requirements for studying at your chosen institution or in your chosen country?
  • Will the qualification you obtain be adequately recognised in the country or profession in which you ultimately intend to work?
  • What are the costs (fees and living) of studying in your chosen country and are these nationality-dependent?
  • What is the application procedure, and what is the timing for this?

General guides

Study in Europe

  • Study in Europe offers a comprehensive overview of what’s available across the EU including guides to study in 24 European countries.
  • France: Campus France holds a database of courses searchable by discipline or region and a grant search engine which you can filter by nationality among other things.  Study in France is aimed specifically at international students considering France as a study destination.
  • Germany: Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) is the key gateway resource for study in Germany. Many courses in Germany have low or no tuition fees.
  • The Netherlands: Many courses in the Netherlands are taught in English. Study in Holland provides the official overview of your options.
  • Scandinavia: Norway and Sweden in particular offer many courses taught in English with minimal fees, see Study in Norway and Study in Sweden.

Study in North America

  • USA: Postgraduate Study in the USA offers detailed advice, information and links to resources covering further study in the USA.
  • Canada: Canada could offer a more affordable North American study option, get the lowdown at EduCanada.

Study in Asia

  • China: Around half a million international students are enrolled at universities in China. To search for available courses, try Campus China.
  • South Korea: Many courses are taught wholly or partly in English, courses start in September or March, see Study in Korea.
  • Japan: Study in Japan provides a comprehensive guide. There are a growing number of Masters courses taught in English, but Japanese remains the main language of instruction. Free Japanese language courses are available for graduate students.
  • India: India is keen to attract more international students to its universities, fees and cost of living are low compared to many other regions and many scholarships are available, see Study in India for a comprehensive overview.

Study in Australia, New Zealand & Oceania

  • Study Options Study in Australia or New Zealand is funded by Australian and New Zealand universities to provide free advice and information for UK students and graduates.
  • Australia: A popular destination for international students despite the relatively high fees and living costs. The academic year starts in January. Study Australia is the key resource.
  • New Zealand: Find extensive information at New Zealand Education.
  • Universities in Oceania are dominated by those in Australia and New Zealand, but universities in Fiji, Guam, Northen Mariana Islands and Papua New Guinea also make it into the World University Rankings, follow links from there to find out more.

Study in South America

Study in Africa

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