Gradcracker: Webinars with STEM Recruiters and a Hub for Student Societies

STEM webinars, jobs and internships

Gradcracker brings together STEM employers and early career opportunities, with over 300 leading companies offering thousands of placement and graduate roles at any given time. Gradcracker also provides a wide range of resources, tools, and advice on careers in STEM.

Meet STEM sector companies at weekly webinars with guest speakers from a range of employers provide a great way to explore graduate careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). Attend these hour-long sessions to discover an employer you’d love to work for or an industry sector you’d love to work in.

The autumn webinar line-up includes:

... and more.

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Find out more on the Gradcracker website, where you can register to attend, view all upcoming webinars, and browse the archive of webinars.

Calling STEM-based student societies!

One of the best graduate career sites for students interested in using their STEM degrees and interest is It has real traction with big and small companies but, in addition to the platform for employers, Gradcracker provides a free hub for student societies. This can boost visibility for the society with potential sponsors as well as helping to highlight potentially powerful resources to society members seeking summer experience and full-time positions.

One for committee members of a science-based societies to consider as it could be a valuable (and easy) addition to the connection and information you provide members, and support the society’s visibility too. If you are curious to know more, take a look at the OU Formula Student (OU Racing) hub and OxWEST hub to get a sense of how companies signal their interest and willingness to engage.