Oxford University Careers Service e-mailshot request form

Whilst we appreciate it is not always possible, please provide us with a window, rather than a fixed date for your mailing so we are able to maximise its impact.

We require three working days’ notice to send out an e-mailshot. However, we will always try to accommodate short notice mailings within the above constraints if at all possible.

Fill in the e-mailshot request form

How much will my mailing cost?

  1. Select the sectors you wish to target using the information on the pricing page (PDF)
  2. Add up the numbers of the selected sectors to give the total number of recipients your mailing will reach.
  3. Look up the final cost of your mailing using the chart below (don’t forget to add the admin charge).
  4. Confirm you have accepted the estimated mailing costs in the check box at the bottom of the form.

The cost of your email will depend on the number of students you reach:

0–200 Students: £75 1001–2000 Students: £600
201–500 Students: £200 2001–3000 Students: £850
501–1000 Students: £300 3001+ Students: £1,150

Plus £50 administration fee. Detailed estimates of student numbers by selection criteria can be found on our pricing page (PDF)

Please note:

During the summer months we have limited ability to reach PGR and PGT students who have just graduated in the same year. If you are looking to target this group specifically please be aware that we are not able to guarantee the numbers your mailing will reach. If you have any questions about this please email mailings@careers.ox.ac.uk

Read our full briefing on E-shots & Mailings

If you are having issues filling in the form, please contact us:


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