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Details of all opportunities on The Summer Internship Programme are available on CareerConnect, through which all applications to the scheme must be made.

You can apply for:

  • 3 international internship placements
  • 2 UK internship placements
  • any number of ‘late’ internship placements that are added to CareerConnect after those dates.
Finding an internship

All internships available through The Summer Internship Programme are advertised on CareerConnect.

Once logged into CareerConnect, go to Search & Apply under the Internship Office and Skills Programmes tab, and then select The Summer Internship Programme from the Programme drop-down on the Refine search toolbar (on the left side of the page) in order to identify and view all opportunities currently available through The Summer Internship Programme.

See our comprehensive Guide to CareerConnect for information on searching and applying for Summer Internship Programme placements.

Selected internships that appear on CareerConnect are also advertised via our ‘Internships Alerts‘ mailing list, on our Facebook page, in the weekly Careers Service e-newsletter, and on the Careers Service blog.

Making an application

There is lots of support available from the Internship Office and Careers Service to help you with your application, which you can find out more about in our Application Support document.

Applications open in Hilary Term of each year.

You can apply for:

  • 3 international internship placements
  • 2 UK internship placements
  • any number of ‘late’ internship placements that are added to CareerConnect after the initial deadline dates.

How to apply

Click Apply Now on the vacancy page of your chosen internship on CareerConnect. You will then be required to:

1. Upload a one-page Curriculum Vitae

This should be saved as surname_firstname(cv) in PDF format. We require that you submit a one-page CV.

Please be aware that if your CV runs over to two pages, only the first page will be sent with your application. Please do not include a photo on your CV. Make sure you keep a copy of the CV you submit.

2. Fill in the online Application Form

This includes a 600 word personal statement, in which you should outline your suitability for the internship in question. It is a good idea to save a copy of your personal statement elsewhere, in case there are any problems uploading your application. For guidance on writing your personal statement please see our page on How to Write Cover Letters.

3. Confirmation of submission

If your application has been uploaded correctly you should receive an automatic confirmation email from CareerConnect, and your application will appear on your CareerConnect dashboard. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your application has been submitted successfully. The Internship Office is unable to accept applications via email, so please ensure that you upload your application in good time in advance of the deadline! If you are repeatedly encountering issues uploading your application, or if you do not receive a CareerConnect email notification within 24 hours of submitting your application, please email

Points to note

  • You will need to follow the above process for each internship opportunity featured on CareerConnect that you wish to apply for.
  • Late or incomplete submissions will not be considered
  • Do not submit any extra paperwork unless it is specifically requested by the employer.
  • A written reference is not required to apply. However, you should make sure you have a referee available who can be called upon to provide a reference if requested by the host organisation. If you are asked for a reference, please ask your referee to use this Reference Form.

Get help with your applications

There is lots of support available from the Internship Office and Careers Service to help you with your application, which you can find out more about in our Application Support document.

Throughout the application period for the Summer Internship Programme, we hold twice-weekly Application Support Sessions at the Careers Service, where you can book a ten minute one-to-one meeting with a member of the Internship Office. We also hold extra sessions for Micro-Internships only in October and April. We can discuss your internship goals, clarify any questions you have about the programmes, or provide feedback on CVs and personal statements. Sign up to a session on CareerConnect to guarantee a place.

The Internship Office aims to make opportunities equally available to all current, matriculated Oxford students, regardless of race, gender or degree of disability. This policy is in accordance with the Careers Service mission statement, and the University’s Integrated Equal Opportunities Policy. To discuss any confidential issue relating to any additional needs you may have, please email

If you have a question that is not answered here, please see our FAQ page.

Internship application timeline 2019

International Internships – Batch 1

  • Placements advertised to students: 20 January
  • Student applications deadline: Midday 17 February
  • Applications sent to internship host employers: by 4 March
  • Employers inform Internship Office of chosen applicant: by 27 March
  • Internships start end of June onwards (Trinity Term ends 22 June)

UK Internships – Batch 2

  • Placements advertised to students: 18 February
  • Student applications deadline: Midday 16 March
  • Applications sent to internship host employers: by 20 March
  • Employers inform Internship Office of chosen applicant: by 24 April
  • Internships start end of June onwards (Trinity Term ends 22 June)

Late-Advertised Internships (International and UK) – Batches 3, 4 and 5

  • Late placements will be advertised during April and May
  • Placements are advertised to students for a two week period after the placement goes live
  • Applications sent to internship host employers within one week of application deadline
  • Employers will be asked to inform the Internship Office of their chosen candidate within three weeks
  • Internships can start from the end of June onwards (Trinity Term ends 22 June)
After you have submitted your application

Processing applications

  • Your application will be considered by the host organisation after the closing date. Organisations are requested to shortlist and interview within a defined time-frame of 4-6 weeks, but it is not always possible for them to do so.
  • The employer will communicate directly with you to inform you that you have been unsuccessful, or if you are being offered an interview. Most organisations will short-list candidates and conduct interviews (by telephone or in person).

If your application is successful

If your application is successful you will be contacted directly by the host organisation.

Firstly, you should think carefully about whether you are serious in committing to the offer. Please only accept the internship if you fully intend to see it through.

If you decide to accept the offer you should now think about the next steps. Do you have adequate funds to undertake the internship?  Have you discussed the details of the internship project with the host organisation?  If you are travelling abroad have you researched the necessary vaccination and visa requirements? Additionally, please look through your roles and responsibilities below.

When you are sure you are in a position to accept the offer, please confirm acceptance with the employer.

If your application is not successful

If your application is not successful, you will be contacted by the host organisation. Please note that if your applications are unsuccessful, you will still be able to apply to further internships on the programme that have later deadline dates.

Your role and responsibilities


In applying for an internship through The Summer Internship Programme you agree to the following roles and responsibilities. Please read through the list below carefully and use it as a checklist to help prepare for your internship. This list is a mandatory component of the online application form; you will be unable to submit an application unless you agree to the below.

By applying to and participating in the Oxford University Summer Internship Programme I agree to:

  • Satisfy myself that the internship is suitable for my needs in terms of content and environment.
  • Under no circumstances accept an internship that I do not fully intend to complete. (Students who are in doubt as to whether to accept an internship offer should seek advice from the Internship Office or a Careers Adviser). Please note that students can accept a maximum of 2 internships through the Summer Internship Programme.
  • Make travel arrangements and, where necessary, find suitable accommodation for the duration of the internship.
  • Contribute to the internship in a professional manner.
  • Obtain adequate travel and medical insurance which includes cover for personal money and property risks; any emergency medical expenses; and repatriation in case of a medical emergency or death.
  • Act as an ambassador for the University of Oxford, being aware at all times that my personal conduct both on placement and outside of work will reflect upon myself and the university.
  • Communicate regularly with the assigned point of contact within the host employer.
  • Apply for University or College travel grants where necessary to complement any stipend that may be offered by the host employer.
  • (For International Internships) Ensure that my passport is up to date.
  • Obtain visa and work permits where necessary and take responsibility for making enquiries as to whether these are required.
  • (For International Internships) Arrange to have any necessary vaccinations etc which may be appropriate for the host country.
  • Advise the Internship Office ( if any difficulties arise before or during an internship that may affect my ability to complete the placement.
  • Provide feedback to Oxford University at the end of the internship.

I understand:

  • What is offered by the package of support or funding available with this internship, and that it is my responsibility to satisfy myself that the internship is financially viable for me.
  • That there is support available from the Careers Service, should I wish to disclose a physical or mental disability or any health issues that I feel may impact my internship.
  • That I can contact the Internship Office on before or during the internship should any difficulties arise relating to this internship.
  • If I am successful in securing an international internship, I understand that it is my responsibility to take reasonable steps to familiarise myself with the laws and customs of the location I am travelling to, including checking the Foreign Office website.

I confirm the information provided in this application is to the best of my knowledge, accurate and true, and I understand that inaccurate or untruthful information may compromise my application and/or terms of agreement of the internship.

Keep updated

Like our Facebook page

We will post updates on key dates, opportunities and news from our other programmes on our Facebook page – just like and follow the page to stay informed.

Join our ‘Internships Alerts’ mailing list

Please join our mailing list in order to receive key information and updates about the opportunities that become available through the Internship Office. To do so, just fill in the form below!

Please see the Careers Service Privacy notice for details on how the personal data you enter on to this form is stored and used.

  • Please enter a number from 2015 to 2025.

The Careers Service blog and newsletter

You can also keep updated with internships by keeping an eye on the Careers Service blog. Relevant posts can be accessed by clicking on the Related News tab at the top of The Internship Programme web pages.

The weekly Careers Service newsletter also highlights any important news about our programme featured on the blog.

This information was last updated on 12 September 2019.
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Second round micro-internships now open for Trinity

Blogged by Callum Livermore on 30/05/2019.

We know that Trinity can be a busy time of year. So if you missed the first opportunity to apply for exclusive work experience this term, all is not lost! The Internship Office is excited to launch the second round of the Micro-Internship Programme (MIP). Want to end your year on a good note and add something a little extra to your CV? Read on…

What sort of work experience?

In brief, MIP placements last for 2-5 days in weeks 9 or 10 every term. The sectors and projects vary greatly, but they all allow you to get stuck in and be challenged in the world of work. Students can develop a wide skillset and gain insight into all sorts of organisations, as well as make some contacts for future. In the second round, we have opportunities including a Marketing & Communication Internship at the Story Museum; a Charity and Research Internship with the World Experience Exchange; a Finance Procedures Manual Micro-Intern with Kellogg College; a Business Development Internship with Generation Medics; Social Media Internship for Art Gallery Exhibition with the Guns & Rain Art Gallery and more.

Don’t delay any longer! We have created a handy list of all second round placements for browsing.

How do I apply?

Please visit our Micro-Internship Programme webpage for details of the process. Students can login to CareerConnect to view full vacancy information and apply. One application per student at this stage.

The deadline is midday, Monday 3 June. Although micro-internships are voluntary, host organisations must reimburse students with local travel and lunch expenses.

We wish you luck with your applications! If you have any questions, please email them to

The second round for the Micro-Internship Programme goes live Monday!

Blogged by Callum Livermore on 22/05/2019.

What are you up to this summer? Making plans for the long vacation can be pretty fun, and the Internship Office has a few suggestions to help you on your way to developing career ideas and getting some valuable experience on your CV. This is the last chance to apply for micro-internships this Trinity, so don’t miss out – it’s a great way to see an organisation from the inside out, meet industry professionals, and most of all, challenge yourself and do something different.

For one week only, we are accepting applications for the second round of Micro-Internships

Perhaps you were unsuccessful in your first-round applications, or perhaps you didn’t manage to apply at all. Either way, a selection of micro-internship placements will be available for you to apply via CareerConnect on Monday 27 May. One application per student at this stage.

Second round deadline: The application window is open for one week and will close Monday 3 June at 12PM (Mid-day).

What If I have not heard back from the first round? – We aim to make each student aware of the outcome of any application they made in the first round by Thursday 30 May. However, if you wish, you can make one further application at any point during the second round.

Offers in first round – For those of you who applied in first round and have been made an offer, you have two days to accept or decline it once you have heard back from all first-round applications. You can respond to an offer by emailing

Visit the Micro-Internship Programme webpage for further information.

Less than a week to apply for a Micro-Internship this Summer!

Blogged by Callum Livermore on 08/05/2019.

Less than one week left to apply for a micro-internship!

You can find a full list of opportunities here or by login in to CareerConnect.

We have over 130 opportunities on offer this term, including an Education Resource Micro-Internship with the Scotland Humanist Society in Edinburgh. Where you will assist thousands of pupils in Scottish schools to have a wider understanding of philosophical thought and non-religious views on moral and ethical issues by creating educational resources; a Strategy Analyst Micro-Intern at the National Trust, where you will work directly with their central Strategy Management Unit by researching and analysing trends related to domestic and international tourism and directly contribute to the development of their strategic plans; an International Human Rights and Policy Internship with the German Institute for Human Rights in Berlin where your work will encompass research, short summary reports, communications work and attending meetings and events during your week in Berlin’s political quarter, and many more.

How to apply and application guidance

Deadline: Monday 13 May, mid-day.

Upload your CV and a 300-word supporting statement on CareerConnect to be considered for an opportunity. Remember you can apply to a maximum of 2 opportunities.

If you’d like further advice and assistance with your application, the Internship Office are offering 15-minute support sessions which can be booked on CareerConnect. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact

Micro-internship sector lists for Trinity term are now live

Blogged by Callum Livermore on 01/05/2019.

Get some work experience this summer with the Micro-Internship Programme

Applications for this term’s micro-internship opportunities are open, with placements in Week 9 (24-28 June) and Week 10 (1-5 July) of Trinity Term.

You can find a full list of opportunities on our sector list here or on CareerConnect. We have over 133 opportunities on offer this term, including an internship as an Anti-Doping Scientist at Morgan Sports Law; an Analyst Micro-Internship at BlondeMoney and even an International Human Rights and Policy Internship at the German Institute for Human Rights in Berlin. Simply upload your CV and a 300-word supporting statement to be considered for an opportunity. Remember you can apply to a maximum of 2 opportunities.

If you’d like further advice and assistance with your application, the Internship Office are offering 15-minute support sessions which can be booked on CareerConnect.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

Hurry though, the deadline is 12PM mid-day, Monday 13 May

Now launched: The Micro-Internship Programme in Trinity term

Blogged by Callum Livermore on 24/04/2019.

Looking for work experience this summer? Keen to do an internship but looking for something shorter? Or are you just eager to explore a new area and boost your CV?

Then the Micro-Internship Programme might be for you! This scheme offers 2-5 day work experience placements exclusive to matriculated Oxford students. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the many industries on offer, from consulting to heritage, from charities to visual arts. Micro-internships are voluntary work experiences, although hosts must reimburse local travel and lunch expenses on production of receipts.

Micro-internships take place in either Week 9 (24-28 June) or Week 10 (1-5 July), and all placements are now live – check CareerConnect for all opportunities and to apply. Keep an eye out next week for our sector and location lists. The deadline for applications is 12PM mid-day, Monday 13 May.

The Internship Office offers help through our Application Support Sessions, which begin this week – all details and bookings are on CareerConnect. Please also see our Employer Feedback on Student Micro-Internship Applications for advice from our hosts.

If you have any questions about the programme, please email Callum Livermore at

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