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For the last thirteen years, the Oxford University Careers Service has written and produced an annual Oxford Guide to Careers for students. By keeping this entirely in house we have created a distinctive and successful platform for our external partners to promote their organisations and careers directly to Oxford students.

Created by the Oxford University Careers Service, the Oxford Guide to Careers delivers:

  • The lowdown on industry sectors as diverse as advertising and AI.
  • Information from over 50 employers looking to recruit Oxford students.
  • Profiles from alumni in sectors from academia to tech.
  • CV and cover letter templates and tips.
  • Advice on cringe-free networking.
  • Interview strategies.

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We accept bookings for advertisements from March each year. All enquiries should be sent to; Tel: +44(0)1865 274646.

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We welcome bookings from recruiters who wish to advertise:

  • graduate schemes
  • internship schemes or work experience
  • their organisation as a great place to work, even if there are no regular opportunities.

All advertising is organised by industry sector, and adverts are listed alphabetically within each sector as far as possible. Many organisations of course operate in more than one sector, and you can choose to advertise in additional sectors as appropriate, with discounts available for second and subsequent entries.

Types of advertising

You can choose to have a display advert or a listing in the Guide, and many organisations choose to have both.

Adverts can be a full, half or quarter page and are created by your marketing or design team. You can include whatever content you choose, including images and graphics alongside logos and text.

Listings are all a quarter page, and consist of your logo and approximately 200 words of text under specified headings. These are all formatted identically by our designers.

Prices and booking

Access the price list for the 2024 edition of the Oxford Guide to Careers.

As with many of our services, discounts are available for members of the Oxford Employer Engagement Network and also for multiple bookings. We also offer further discounts for certain sectors.

We accept bookings for advertisements from March each year. All enquiries should be sent to; Tel: +44(0)1865 274646.

Orders placed using the Sales Order Form will be subject to final confirmation by; Tel: +44(0)1865 274646.

Once the order is confirmed, it is the responsibility of the organisation placing the order to provide artwork in line with the required Specifications for Advertisements and Listings by the 30 June 2023 copy deadline. Failure to do so may incur full payment.

Companies and organisations wishing to modify or cancel any orders placed should contact the Careers Service within 30 days of the date on the Sales Order Form.

Cancellations made after this will be subject to the full price agreed at time of booking. Bookings made within 30 days of the artwork deadline are subject to the full price agreed at time of booking and will not be offered a refund if cancelled.

The Oxford University Careers Service reserve the right to terminate, without notice, bookings for which artwork/materials are not received in line with the specification and dates provided.

For advertisements and listings accepted for publication in the next edition, The Oxford Guide to Careers 2024, both artwork and copy will need to be submitted by 30 June 2023.

See our Specifications for Advertisements and Listings for full details.

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