Employer Events

We co-ordinate a programme of events and publish them on CareerConnect.

How to book

Our Student and Employer Engagement Team co-ordinates and advertises employer events to help you get the maximum number of attendees.

Oxford University term dates

Michaelmas term slots

Requests for Michaelmas term should go via presentations@careers.ox.ac.uk with the following information:

  • At least 3 potential dates that would be suitable for your event.
  • Which timeslot you would like for your event 
    • Morning
    • Lunch (12pm – 2pm)
    • Afternoon (2pm – 6pm)
    • 6pm
    • 7:30pm
  • The main sector for your company
    • Law
    • Finance
    • Management Consultancy
    • IT
    • Health, Science, FMCG
    • Advertising, Marketing, Communications
    • All other sectors

We work on a first come first served basis and we may need to come back to you if all of your selected dates have already been taken.

Please do not assume your booking request has been successful until you have received a confirmation email from us.

Hilary and Trinity term slots

The Student and Employer Engagement Team operates a booking system for organisations wishing to hold an event. Please note that both oxford specific and open to all events can be advertised if there is availability and these events can be virtual or in person.

To request a date for your presentation/event please email presentations@careers.ox.ac.uk with the following information:

  • The date and time of your events
  • The title
  • A short description
  • How you would like potential attendees to register to attend
  • Whether the event is in person or online
  • We will also need to know which sectors the event covers if different from the sector your company is based in (i.e. a finance firm running an event for IT based roles)

Please do not assume your booking request has been successful until you have received a confirmation email from us.

After you have booked a date

Providing event details

Once your booking has been confirmed, we will ask you to complete a presentation/event form for the information we need to advertise your event.

It is assumed that events are open to all students at the University. If you wish to target specific groups of students, please inform students of this by including details of those you wish to target in the description for your event on your presentation form.

For maximum publicity it’s best to complete and return this form as soon as possible.

Finding a venue for in-person events

Once the date is confirmed, you are responsible for arranging your own venue, catering etc. The Student and Employer Engagement Team can provide a list of some possible venues, and our own are listed below under ‘Room Hire’.

Please note:  As Oxford is not a campus university, colleges, departments and venues are spread out across the city. Please explore the interactive map of the University and Oxford City Centre.

Said Business School

Said Business School arrange their own programme of events for MBAs and/or MFEs, therefore, please contact them directly (careers@sbs.ox.ac.uk) regarding events targeted at these students.

Expand All

Providing you book into our presentation schedule, we will advertise your event on our events calendar in CareerConnect. This lists all events in the term, including basic event information (venue, time, etc.) as well as a short description of the event and any booking or registration details. The information will be accessible to all students and alumni.

Once you have booked into our schedule we will send you the link to an event form for you to complete. In order for your event to be included on the online events calendar for the appropriate term we ask that we receive your completed presentation form as soon as possible.

Each week during term, basic details about upcoming events in Oxford will be advertised in our weekly newsletter. Oxford students will then be able to click through to CareerConnect for further details.

If you do not co-ordinate your presentation/event date through the Student and Employer Engagement Team and it clashes with that of another organisation in your sector, we will be unable to advertise your event.

Additional advertising

You may wish to also advertise by promoting your event through student societies, departments, colleges or by using the Careers Service’s e-shot services. It may be helpful to discuss your strategy with a careers adviser linked to your sector.

Event Attendance

We co-ordinate bookings and advertise your events as explained above, to help get as many students as possible to attend.

Please be aware though that we cannot guarantee attendance numbers for events. Student attendance numbers for events are varied. Additionally, in some sectors attendance numbers may drop significantly in the latter part of term.


The Careers Service is not able to organise sign-up for an event on your behalf. You will need to provide a web address or email address or telephone number if you wish students to sign up, which should be given on the presentation form.

Clashes across Oxford

When an event is booked into the Careers Service’s presentation schedule, we will not advertise an event at the same time within the same sector.

However please note whilst we run a presentation schedule of events, colleges, faculties and societies will also run their own events schedule not tied to the Careers Service and these events may clash with what we have booked in.

Alternatives to presentations

If this is the first time you are planning to present to University of Oxford students, you may wish to consider attending one of our fairs as an alternative option (please see our information on fairs for further information). You are also welcome to contact us at presentations@careers.ox.ac.uk if you would like to discuss your plans and ideas.

There are normally 150+ employer events taking place in Oxford during Michaelmas Term (plus events organised through student societies and departments etc which are arranged independently of the Careers Service). If your recruitment schedule allows it, you may find your event stands out more in Hilary Term, and gets better attendance numbers.

Our suite of event rooms are easily adapted to the changing Covid-safe requirements as they can be accessed separately from the rest of the building, allow for one way systems, and will be managed by our professional team of facilities management staff. 

Information about room hire at the Careers Service is detailed below. The Student and Employer Engagement Team can also provide a list of some alternative venues around Oxford.

Room hire for external organisations

Members of our Recruiters’ Group can book rooms for discounted rates.

Find out more about the rooms you can hire


For queries about room hire at the Careers Service, please contact us on:

Email: bookings@careers.ox.ac.uk

Telephone: +44 (0)1865 274635

Should you have any queries regarding presentations / events please contact the Student and Employer Engagement Team on 01865 274663 or email presentations@careers.ox.ac.uk.

For room hire at the Careers Service specifically, please contact us on 01865 274635 or email bookings@careers.ox.ac.uk.

Explore the interactive map of the University and Oxford City Centre to see the venues available for in-person events


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