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Whether they have experience collaborating and recruiting at Oxford or just starting out, we are the key partner through which you can reach all parts of the University.

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The Careers Service’s CareerConnect vacancy database can assist you in recruiting students. It’s easy to advertise your vacancy on CareerConnect and what’s more:

  • It’s free;
  • It can be accessed by all our undergraduates, post-graduates, alumni and research staff;
  • You can advertise permanent or temporary roles (including internships);
  • Students can set up opportunity preferences that will send relevant vacancies to their inbox.

To access CareerConnect, click the 'Login CareerConnect' button at the top right of any page. 

If you are not yet have a CareerConnect account, find out how you can register as an employer on CareerConnect.

Oxford University’s internship programmes provide one of the best ways for start-ups to connect with our current students. Hiring an intern from Oxford can be of value to your organisation. Our internship partners enjoy can raise their profile among our students, and establish a direct link with the University of Oxford as an avenue for future collaboration and recruitment. In addition, they gain an additional member of staff at a relatively low cost who can be assigned to a specific project and provide you and your organisation with creative input and quality results.

You can offer internships through the following programmes:

The Summer Internship Programme

The Summer Internship Programme provides students with access to summer internship placements all over the world. It is the largest programme of its kind within Oxford University and has a very high profile among our students. Every year, it advertises hundreds of internship opportunities and receives thousands of applications from students.

  • Internships can be in any sector and in any country;
  • The host organisation proposes an internship which is exclusively advertised to Oxford University students;
  • Internships take place over the summer vacation and last from 2 to 12 weeks;
  • The programme is open to all current, matriculated Oxford students (undergraduates and postgraduates).

Crankstart Internship Programme 

The Crankstart Internship Programme is for students who are in receipt of Oxford University’s Crankstart scholarships, and who want to take up internships, work experience or work shadowing placements that correspond with their skills and interests.

  • Students helped on individual basis to find internships corresponding to skills and interests;
  • Employers can sign up to the Crankstart internship database, to be contacted if an appropriate student participates in the programme;
  • Internships can be subsidised by Crankstart funding;
  • Internships can take place during any vacation and last from 1 to 12 weeks;
  • The Programme is only open to Crankstart Scholars (undergraduate students in all disciplines);
  • Students are helped on an individual basis to find internships corresponding to skills and interests, in any professional sphere.

Micro-Internship Programme

The Micro-Internship Programme provides students with convenient, short-term work placements. After a highly popular and successful pilot scheme in 2015, the programme has expanded to offer a large volume of placements across a full range of sectors, taking place in the week immediately after each Oxford term.

  • Micro-internships are voluntary, full time work experiences lasting between two and five days;
  • Interns focus on the completion of a specific project, which is provided by the host organisation alongside more general work shadowing;
  • Organisations cover travel expenses (within the relevant city) and lunch costs.

The Oxford Strategy Challenge

The Oxford Strategy Challenge is a team-based experiential learning event with participants collaborating on real strategy-focused client challenges over a week. We run Oxford Strategy Challenge events regularly throughout the year. Our aim is to provide opportunities for participants to boost and demonstrate key employment skills: team working, business awareness, communication, initiative, creativity, planning, leadership and self-management. We do not charge our clients. The students volunteer for our programmes and use the experience to boost and demonstrate their employability skills.

The Student Consultancy

The Student Consultancy equips students with key consulting and teamwork skills in order to help local businesses, charities and community organisations. Since its launch, nearly 2,000 students have taken part in the programme, helping over 250 clients.

Students collaborate in small teams over a term to address a strategic issue or business problem for a client organisation in Oxfordshire.

The Researcher Strategy Consultancy

The Researcher Strategy Consultancy (RSC) provides early career researchers with an opportunity to develop the core employability skills required for a transition into analytical, business or policy roles in the public and private sector.

Participants volunteer some of their own time to collaborate in small teams, over a 3 month period, to address a strategic issue or business opportunity for a client organisation.

Find out more about collaborating with Oxford students on short projects >>

A great resource for entrepreneurs is the Enterprising Oxford website – information, events, resources and support, all in one place, including some great 101 guides.

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