Offer Virtual Mock Interviews

As you might expect, this has been very popular with students, and, indeed, with the employers who have taken part.

Interviewers can choose whether they’d like to undertake a full day and conduct six to seven interviews between 10am and 4pm, with breaks of your choice. However, we can be flexible about start and end times, and if you are only able to offer half a day or even a few hours, we would still like to hear from you.

If you would like to hold mock interviews, please email and we can check availability within the calendar.

Form of the interview

We ask employers to offer students one-to-one generic competency-style interviews, which are not specific to any firm or sector.  The only exception are our Solicitor Mock Interviews, which should contain questions suitable for law applicants.

In all cases, students will be asked to attach their cv to the chat function in the virtual interview. Each interview should last about 20 minutes, followed immediately by feedback.

What happens on the day

Prior to the day a member of the Student and Employer Engagement Team will get in touch to discuss your preferred timings and any breaks you’d like to schedule. You will then be provided with the individual Mock Interviews the day before the event and a member of the team will be on the calls with you initially to make sure both yourself and the student have gotten into the interview and that there are no technical issues.

Interviews can be scheduled to begin at a time to suit you, with breaks booked in as requested.  Each 45 minute session includes time for both the interview and for feedback.

To find out more please email

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