Recruiter in Residence

The Recruiter in Residence sessions consist of a half day of 15-minute one-to-one sessions with students. These sessions offer you the opportunity to meet with students via the Oxford Careers Service in a familiar and informal environment.

The content of these sessions is left entirely up to you! You may use the time to see students on a one-to-one basis to review and provide advice on their CVs and applications or you may choose to leave the session as a generic session, whereby, students could approach you with any application or interview queries they may have or any other questions about working for your organisation or within your sector.

We feel these sessions provide a great opportunity to raise your profile amongst the student body, provide your expert advice and share information from both sides.

How to book

Recruiter in Residence sessions are currently free for our Recruiters’ Group members and non-Recruiters Group members alike.

Recruiter in Residence sessions will be free for Recruiters Group members and for other employers, who are not members of the Recruiters’ Group, the following charge applies:

  • Morning: 10:00-13:00 (3 hours, maximum of 12 students) for £110+VAT
  • Afternoon: 13:00-17:00 (4 hours, maximum of 16 students) for £160+VAT

Recruiter in Residence sessions can take place anytime during term time; during Hilary (Winter) Term we can offer dates and times to suit you, on a first-come, first-served basis. In Michaelmas (Autumn) Term, bookings are initially restricted to Recruiters’ Group members only.

What happens on the day

Prior to the day a member of the Student and Employer Engagement Team will get in touch to discuss your preferred timings and any breaks you’d like to schedule. You will then be provided with the individual Recruiter in Residence session links the day before the event and a member of the team will be on the calls with you initially to make sure both yourself and the student have gotten into the interview and that there are no technical issues.

Interviews can be scheduled to begin at a time to suit you, with breaks booked in as requested.

To find out more please email

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