Susan Black


  • BSc Biochemistry, University of Aberdeen
  • PhD Molecular Biology, University of Aberdeen
  • Teaching Qualification in Further Education, University of Aberdeen

Previous experience

As a researcher, her interests converge around interactions of proteins and membranes in cells. This led to an EMBO fellowship and SULSA funded exchange with the University of Stockholm to investigate the impact of protein insertion and activation on bilayer structure of native membranes. Joining Oxford as a senior postdoctoral researcher in 2017, Susan continued her work within the Department of Structural Biology in the Nuffield Department of Medicine, expanding into the examination of lipid clustering as an important feature of membrane-protein interactions, and membrane disrupting proteins in viral infection.  Industrial partnership was a core part of her academic work undertaking long term collaborative projects with Unilever and Merck among others. 

During the COVID-19 lockdowns Susan volunteered with the COVID-19 Infection Survey, operating the two robotic COVID Serology antibody detection platforms with colleagues in the Serology Department at the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics.

Susan has also spent several years as a Lecturer in Applied Sciences, gaining a teaching qualification in further education while in post. During this time, she was also a content development specialist for the Scottish Qualification Authority and a member of the Scottish National Qualifications Development Team for science education in further education.

Susan specialises in working with research staff at Oxford. She offers one-to-one support across all disciplines and career sectors.

Colleges & departments

Susan offers career support to research staff across all the departments, divisions and colleges at the University of Oxford.

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Areas of interest

Researchers Professional Development, Academia and Higher Education, Further Education, Postgraduate Study, Science, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology, Scientific and Industrial Research & Development, Intellectual Property and Patents. 

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