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The Crankstart Internship Programme provides additional funding, opportunities to take part in volunteering activities, and the opportunity to access internships during the winter, spring and summer vacations, through dedicated support from the Internship Office.

Holders of the Crankstart Scholarship are encouraged to gain work experience during their time at Oxford, and funding and support are available to help them do so. The Crankstart Internship Programme was established to enable the scholars to take advantage of this opportunity by undertaking internships or work shadowing placements with a variety of organisations offering internships exclusively to these students.

In the academic year of 2022-23 over 200 internships were advertised to Crankstart Scholars with employers such as The Brilliant Cub, Genetic Alliance UK, The Institute for Public Policy Research, The World Resource Institute, Publishers Association and Justice.

Internships can take place in the winter and spring vacations (for up to 3 weeks) and the summer vacation (for 1 – 12 weeks).

The Crankstart Internship Programme offers both remote internships (which can be undertaken from any location) and in-person internships (which are undertaken at the employer’s premises). These arrangements are considered carefully according to the circumstances surrounding each placement. For in-person internships, it is essential that interns regularly check the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office website, as well as local guidance on covid-19 restrictions to ensure the internship can be undertaken.


Crankstart Internship Employer's Guide (PDF)

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Offering an internship to a Crankstart Scholar is a great way to help the career development of widening participation students, who have a keen interest in working in your sector. The Internship Office’s dedicated team will also work closely with the students in order to understand their needs, skills and interests. We will be on hand to deal with any issues that may arise during the course of the internship and we will provide financial support to some scholars to help subsidise their costs.

If you are interested in working with these students, or would like to discuss the programme further please email

Employers can participate in the Crankstart Internship Programme by offering an exclusive internship. Scholars study a wide range of undergraduate degree subjects and are very engaged with the idea of undertaking internships during the vacation periods. Exclusive placements offered to Scholars might attract anything between two and twenty applications depending on the project, duration and location. Employers offer a diverse range of professional and research experiences, however all internships must meet the following criteria:

  • The internships must only be for Crankstart Scholars who apply through the programme. You may advertise similar internships elsewhere, but internship positions entered into the programme should be set aside for Crankstart Scholars specifically and applications should not be assessed against applications from outside this programme (please note: you are not obliged to select a candidate if none are suitable).
  • The internships offered should comprise full-time work for 1 – 12 weeks (no more than 8 weeks for non-finalists) over the summer months (from the end of June to the end of September) or up to 3 weeks over the winter (December-January) or spring break (March-April).
  • Internships should involve a meaningful work project with adequate supervision from a mentor appointed within the organisation.
  • All for-profit organisations are expected to pay minimum wage or above.
  • We ask that not-for-profit organisations make a contribution towards the cost of internship placements, for example free accommodation and meals.

You can advertise a Crankstart Internship as follows:

  1. All organisations should register on CareerConnect, our online vacancy system. Please see our CareerConnect guide to posting a Crankstart internship (pdf) for key dates, an overview of the registration process and how to post an internship opportunity.
  2. If you are a new employer, the Internship Office Team will arrange a call with you to discuss the internship and answer any questions you may have.
  3. The internship advertisement will be released to students and you will be advised of the closing date. Usually we allow 4 weeks for the advertisement and application period, although this is flexible.
  4. Students will view the advertisement and upload their application documents. The Internship Office will respond to students’ queries on your behalf.
  5. After the closing date, we will send you the applications for consideration. We ask that you reject, shortlist and interview applicants directly.
  6. Use CareerConnect to advise us of your chosen intern/s.

If you have any questions please email

The host organisation has the following responsibilities:

  • Provide an accurate and reasonably detailed description of the Crankstart Internship project(s) offered, including an overview of the duties and skills required by the ideal candidate(s). 

  • The internships should only be for Oxford Crankstart Scholars who apply through the programme. You may advertise similar internships elsewhere, but those entered into the programme should be set aside with the intention of taking Crankstart Scholars from Oxford. 

  • Protect personal data transferred to you by the Internship Office or the students directly and use it solely for the purpose of the Crankstart internship. At the end of the internship all personal data should be destroyed.* 

  • Select intern(s) from the pool of applicants who apply through the programme within the timeline provided. If employers do not shortlist by the date provided without good reason, the applications will be withdrawn, and students will be advised to make applications to other internships.  

  • Hosts may interview shortlisted interns prior to making their selections, this can be done through telephone, online or in-person. Reasonable travel expenses must be provided for in-person interviews. 

  • Provide the internship project as described (or an appropriate alternative project subject to prior discussion with the Internship Office and the student(s)). 

  • Provide intern(s) with an appropriate work-space and equipment necessary to carry out the internship project work. 

  • Designate a point of contact within the organisation, who will discuss practical arrangements with the intern(s) before their arrival, supervise the intern(s), and act as the primary contact for communications with the University of Oxford. Should the intern complete the placement remotely, please ensure a similar level of supervision is provided (i.e. regular telephone catch-ups, etc). 

  • Provide the intern(s) with a stipend and/or other assistance (for example, accommodation), as agreed with the Internship Office prior to the start of the internship. 

  • Where the host is providing or arranging accommodation for the student(s) during the internship, ensure that the accommodation is suitable for the student(s). This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring the accommodation is secure, complies with any applicable health and safety requirements, and is in a safe area. 

  • Comply with local health and safety obligations in relation to the internship(s). 

  • Provide assurance that your organisation’s insurance will cover potential liability that may arise from the internship(s) including liability arising from accident and/or injury to the intern and third parties. 

  • Where necessary, sponsor the student for a visa covering the duration of the placement. 

  • Provide feedback to the University of Oxford by evaluating the intern(s) at the end of the placement. 

  • Make any necessary and reasonable adjustments to accommodate interns in case of disability or additional needs, in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 and the University of Oxford Equality Policy

  • Have in place effective procedures and arrangements to ensure that the internship takes place in a safe environment, including appropriate procedures for interns to raise concerns and complaints, including in relation to bullying and harassment. 

  • (For UK and European internships) ensure equal and equitable access and opportunities to interns from all backgrounds, including when selecting interns, and ensure that interns are not disadvantaged for reasons including one or more of the following factors: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race or ethnicity, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation and socio-economic disadvantage. 

  • (For international internships) ensure equal and equitable access and opportunities to interns from all backgrounds, including when selecting interns, and ensure that interns are not disadvantaged for reasons related to their personal characteristics. 

  • During the winter and Easter vacations, Crankstart Internships must be limited to a maximum of 3 weeks.  During the summer vacation, the maximum duration is 8 weeks. Finalists and suspended students may undertake internships with a maximum length of 12 weeks. 

  • It is the responsibility of the host organisation to ensure that the internship complies with employment law in engaging the intern including (where applicable) the payment of National Living Wage. We assume, if the internship is advertised as unpaid via the Crankstart Internship Programme, that the host organisation has done an appropriate assessment and concluded that the opportunity can be lawfully offered on an unpaid basis. 

  • Please note that the Crankstart Internship Programme is open to all matriculated Crankstart Scholars, including those who have suspended their studies for the time being. Read more information on students who have suspended their studies.

  • Crankstart Scholars are from low socio-economic backgrounds and therefore it is important that you do not disclose to others their Crankstart status.


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